Miss you already....

So, i watched this few days back... and it just hit me in the very spot....that small little spot that i put far far away.....

It is a must watch movie... when you're at home and all you want is a me time alone with blankets and pillows... and just be involved in the movie.....

And one part that hits that very spot every time is after Milly told Kit about her cancer,... the part where Kit look out the window.... and somehow, he knows things are going to be hard okay....

And today, i celebrated my anniversary of being diagnosed....it has been 3 years since that day, the doctor told me,i have this... but, nevertheless... lets just pray for the best. Insha Allah. hoping for many years to come.....

p/s: please dont let my kids hate me for what i am.... somehow.... this runs thru my head everyday.....


  1. Salam saudara. Kisah kamu telah memberi sy semangat untk mengambil keputusan darah sy yg dibuat di makmal swasta 2 hari lepas. Ternyata sy disahkn hiv+ pd harini bulan ramadan,hari jumaat 9/6/17.. 🙂
    Hmmm. Like u..i must stay positive for my self and my family.
    Keep on updating ur blog.
    Cant wait to know ur postive progress.

    Best regards to u and ur family.
    From: orang kk(kota kinabalu) hehe

    1. alhamdulillah saudara.. move forward from now on ok? yang lepas tu biar lah dah lepas. be a better person for your family k?

      p/s: terima kasih je ke? belanja la kalau saya gi KK nanti. hihi gurau je k?


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