Ive lived another year.... At first when i was diagnosed with this, my first thought was instant death.... then only i did my maths ( only figure of speech, as to think and put two and two together) and realised that, i need to change for the better. 

And so, this World Aids Day, i celebrated my birthday again. And i would like to thank everyone around me for their continous support in my life. Especially to my wife and my child. Now, both of you are my everything. 

And thank you for the gifts and well wishes to all of my friends, and families, and especially to my wife. Caught me offguard and did not expect to get so many gifts this year, but it is still december so please keep them coming.... 

Sorry, for all the emails that i replied late. I was away so i had difficulties to log in the world wide web because im too busy enjoying the wide wide world. =p 

Im ok for now.....

My new years resolution is to be healthier, lead a healthier life and maybe, i want pursue my Masters next year. there is no stopping me, except sleep ( i love sleep)....

ok. love you guys. see ya. 


  1. Tumpang tanya saudara di dignosed sebelum berkahwin ataupun selepas berkahwin,kerna sya sendiri belum beekhawin dan bila mendpat sakit nie segala impian hancur maaf sekadar bertanya

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